Giving to St John’s

On Epiphany, we are beginning to think as a parish about how we give both our time and our money. 

St John’s costs around £37,000 a year to run. About £12,000 of our income comes from voluntary giving, for which we are hugely grateful. As we begin to think about how we reach and transform more lives, and how we meet the needs of our community around us, we think again about how much we are able to donate to enable this to happen. 

The Magi brought gifts to the infant Christ. In doing so, they learnt something of who he is, and their gifts were transformed to have new meaning. They were then sent away, having resourced themselves to preach the Good News that they had seen. Their gifts were more than just material items. They gave something of themselves where were transformed by an encounter with Christ. 

Below, you can find copies of our stewardship packs that our regular worshippers received on the Feast of the Epiphany.