Brownswood Mutual Aid Piggy Bank

St John’s is currently managing the finances on behalf of Brownswood Mutual Aid, funded mostly by the wonderful success of our Justgiving Campaign. This fund, as well as helping us to run our soup kitchen and food bank, is also used as the piggy bank for BWMA.

Brownswood Mutual Aid seeks to help out residents of the local area (the Brownswood ward) in whatever way they need during this outbreak of COVID-19. A lot of this help takes the form of picking up shopping or other supplies. BWMA works on a system that assumes that any shopping they do for somebody is a gift from their neighbours in their time of need. This means that nobody is ever asked for cash on their doorsteps, and anybody who is having financial difficulties can accept help discreetly.


Many people however will wish to pass on this gift to others so that their neighbours can also benefit from a gift in their time of need. Recipients are therefore encouraged, if they wish, to make a donation back into funds. This can be done by:

Visiting our Justgiving page, and making an online donation.

Putting the cash in an envelope marked ‘BWMA’, and when you feel able to get out of the house, post it through the Vicarage door. There’s no rush!

Posting a cheque made out to “The PCC of St John the Evangelist Brownswood Park” and send it to the Vicarage. Please write “BWMA” on the back of the cheque.

Making an BACS transfer, with the reference as “BWMA” to:
The PCC of St John the Evangelist Brownswood Park
Barclays Bank
Sort Code: 20-46-57
Account Number: 40954012

If none of these are possible, please phone the Vicarage.


No volunteer is ever expected to be out of pocket for any errands or shopping that they do on behalf of Brownswood Mutual Aid. You’re therefore able to claim back any money you spend from the fund. Please make sure that you take a photo of any receipts before you leave them with the shopping. After you’ve submitted your request, your expenses will be paid within 48 hours.

To submit a request for funds from the Brownswood Mutual Aid Piggy Bank, please click here.

It’s also possible to ask for funds before you go shopping. This is less preferable (as it’s a lot more admin), but can be done by using the same form.