Soup Kitchen

When is it open?

St John’s Soup Kitchen continues to be open during this outbreak of COVID-19. In addition to our regular Tuesday, we are also offering hot food on a Sunday lunch time. Both of these services are takeaway only.

Tuesdays: 6.30pm – 8.30pm for hot soup and a pudding.
Sundays : 12noon – 2pm for a hot meal and a pudding.

Food Bank

We are also running a food bank to compliment the soup kitchen provision during this time. The food bank is open:

Tuesdays: during soup kitchen from 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Sundays: during soup kitchen from 12noon – 2pm.

A typical food parcel might contain a combination of:
Beans/Spaghetti hoops
Tinned pulses
Tinned vegetables
Tinned fish
Tinned meat
Pasta/curry sauce
Custard/rice pudding
Tinned fruit
Long life milk
Breakfast cereal
Jam/Peanut butter/Honey
Toiletries (shampoo/shower gel/toothpaste/toothbrush/deodorant)
Sanitary products (sanitary towels/tampons)
Cat food/dog food
Household items (washing powder/washing up liquid/toilet paper)

No referral is needed. If you are an agency looking to point somebody in our direction, you are very welcome to do so. If you are referring more than 5 people, it would be helpful if you could email us to let us know using the email address below.

For more information please email

We are always keen to welcome new volunteers onto our team. You can find out more on our Volunteering Pages.